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Chemex 810 Aluminum Brightener

Provides fast effective chemical action removes road film, oxides, scum, deposit, deposits and diesel exhaust.

810 Aluminum Brightener
Category:Automotive & Fleet Cleaner
Chemex 810 Aluminum Brightener
Chemex 810 is formulated with choice biodegradable detergents to penetrate and clean stubborn road film.   This product has an outstanding ability to cling to vertical aluminum surfaces such as trucks and trailers and remove stubborn deposits in hard to reach areas.

Choice biodegradable detergents to penetrate and clean. Potent inorganic mineral acids and solvents to brighten. Stalwart foaming agents and water conditioners to suspend road film and soil. A superb combination incorporated into a single concentrated product enables this powerful aluminum brightener to cut cleaning time in half. Its outstanding ability to ding to vertical aluminum surfaces allows this strong solution to dissolve and remove stubborn deposits in hard to reach areas. The rugged foam penetrates the road film holding the embedded soils in suspension allowing the film to be rinsed off with a pressure water hose. This simple operation saves the time involved in having to scrub or polish trailers. - • Rinses freely without streaking. • Economical - Dilutes with up to 50 parts water. • Easy one person operation. • Dries free of water spots without polishing. • Removes road film, diesel soil and white oxides. • Cleans and brightens weathered and discolored aluminum trailers, buses and equipment.

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