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Chemex 960 Cleaner Phosphatizer

A great product to chemically remove rust, grease and dirt from metal surfaces.

960 Metal Cleaner and Phosphatizer
Category:Metal Treatment
Chemex 960 Metal Cleaner and Phosphatizer
Chemex 960 chemically removes rust, grease and dirt from metal surfaces.  The advanced formulation of chemicals makes this triple action cleaning possible, allowing the material to clean, etch and rustproof the bare metal surface.  This microscopic etching accounts for greater absorption and adherence to metal by the materials protective coating.  It can be painted over immediately after drying and the storage of parts is simplified, as no other treatment is needed under normal conditions.
The “no-rinse” feature will reduce man-hours and eliminate the extra expense of purchasing and applying a primer coat.  Just allow metal surface to air dry and then apply paint or other coating.  This material is east to apply by either swab, brush or dip tank.  When applied by dip tank, the material can be reused over and over.  The dip tank method also provides the longest protection if strength is maintained.
This product is safe for use on steel, stainless steel, iron, bronze, brass, copper, cadmium plate and lead.